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Holy shit

I haven't been here in FOREVER. No wonder why, but I was looking through posts recently and Christ they are embarrassing. It's so cringeworthy. Not going to delete it because it's funny but my head hurts. 


I know right?  What is this? Haha. Last night was quite interesting, but Frank (my stuffed bear, named after Tré Cool. You jelly?) was there, so it's okay. I love that I couldn't think of a name, but Frank seems to fit him perfectly. He's badass and you can see yourself cuddling with him. Awww yeah.

Looking forward to lunch around 11:30 today. Class at 2 is going to be easy. Just watching a movie and passing in our assignment of the week. Sweet. I'm totally okay with this. Good thing they finally got the sidewalks shovelled/salted. I couldn't even make it to class on Tuesday. Everything was ice.

From the building I'm in, it took me almost 20 minutes to make a normally 5 minute walk. It was that horrible.

ANYWAY. Hope to talk to people sometime.


Hey there. Long time no update.

 Hey there everyone. Just wanted to say hi, and see how everyone's doing. Tumblr has stolen me away, so that's why I've been dead on LJ for quite a while. I'm trying to return. It's just so damn difficult when there are pretty pictures and posts everywhere. Haha. Sorry. Hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. 

I hope to start updating a little bit more. Love you guys. Talk to you later!


 Good morning everyone! It's 3:31 in the morning, and I'm wide awake, rocking out to Miles Fisher, editing my LJ layout and raping other websites that have threads about Harry/Perry, Holmes/Watson, and Steve/Tony. Happy at the moment, and a little bit hyper. Still trying to get on Livejournal more often. I think the kink memes are bringing me back, as sad as that sounds. 

There is this amazing fic going on in the White Collar Kink Meme and it's almost 40 chapters into it. (It's on collarkink by the way). I also just found out about 20 minutes ago that there is a freaking Kiss Kiss Bang Bang kink meme. I'm going to be watching a few RDJ movies in the next couple days, since I will be dog sitting for my Mom's friend. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is definitely on that list. Charlie Bartlett, Less Than Zero, and a couple others will be on that list. Probably The Pick Up Artist as well. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, which is sad, so it might be a good time to watch it. 

I've also been in a fic writing mood lately. I can't decide what fandom to write for, and if I would even post it anywhere. It would probably be for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, because the idea is there, but it's just not being written. Plus I don't really like writing one-shot fics. Ones that have chapters and other parts like that make it more interesting for plot and character development. 

Okay, no more nerding out for now. Skittles wants to say hi, since she keeps nudging the computer and meowing. XD

Well, I'll talk to you all later! I hope you have a fun week! -dances away-

Writer's Block: Prone to puns

How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

A little, tiny bit fucked up.

Good Mornin'!

 Okay, well no it's not like the sun is out or anything, but it's 1:50 AM, and I always count that stuff. Today was pretty interesting. Had the graduation party that my mom has been freaking out about for the past 2 weeks yesterday. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of family there, along with my mom's friends, and my friends. I mostly hung out with my friends, and one of my cousins, because let's face it, the rest of my family is extremely sheltered. I found out that my aunt burned my cousin's band t-shirts because they weren't godly or whatever. Yeah, it's pretty epic.

Went out with my friends Vanessa and Charlie, who are dating, to go bowling, which was a lot of fun. It would have been more fun if there wasn't a group of assholes playing next to us, having a bunch of remarks to say whenever I was using proper bowling etiquette. Because apparently allowing people to go up when then were supposed to, and standing down to let them bowl is a horrible thing. Whatever. It was a lot of fun, but yet again felt like a third wheel. I just really want to know what the big secret is, and why I can't be as lucky to actually have someone to care about and have the feelings be returned. Nothing could ever work that way, from what I can tell. When I was in a previous relationship about 2 years ago, it was the best, but I stupidly broke it off because she had to move. I feel horrible, because not a day goes by that makes me wonder what could have been if she didn't move away. She's taken now, and I think they're engaged. I don't know. ANYWAY.

My room has dead balloons in it, because we were inhaling helium. FUN. Okay, well I have nothing of importance to really talk about other than that little rant.


I'm not insane, I'm not innnsaaaane

 Happy June, everyone! Hope everything has been going great for all of you. While folding my clothes just now (yes now, I'm just that lazy and put off folding clothes until 1:15 in the morning) I realized that I have a sick obsession with basketball shorts and just regular shorts. I'm wearing a pair right now and I just folded 4 other pairs. Along with boxer shorts that I'm not counting. WHAT. Don't hate on my shorts. I feel like that kid from Pokemon Red/Blue where he goes like "Why aren't you wearing shorts? They're so comfortable! >.>" 

Sorry, at 1 in the morning, things like that are really entertaining.

Sunday was a lot of fun, since Franswa, Ixchel, Veronica, and I all went to the mall and this store where you can buy secondhand DVDs, video games, and CDs for super cheap. I bought a few movies, and I do not regret a single part of it. I got Hard Candy, Juno, 28 Days Later, Trainspotting, Joshua, Galaxy Quest, and The Blair Witch Project. The most expensive DVD was 8 dollars, and it was just because it was a newer release and it was one of the collectors editions or something like that. 

So far I've watched Hard Candy and Juno. I'm sorry, but I cannot pass up Ellen Page. She's fantastic. Later today I'll probably watch Galaxy Quest or maybe Joshua (just realized they both have Sam Rockwell in them, and the title character in Joshua is BB!Spock, which I found to be oddly humourous). Uhh yeah. I also bought the movie poster of The Boondock Saints so I can put it up in my dorm room this summer. To fit the doubles trend, I bought a new wallet, and it was actually a Boondock Saints chain wallet. It's really nice and very good quality. Needed a new wallet anyway, since the other one I had was from the 7th grade. The design was the logo of The Ramones. Ahh good times.

Otherwise, there hasn't been much going on. Other than graduating on Saturday, which was amazing. Getting rid of high school is amazing. Talk to you all later!


 Long time no see. I feel horrible for not being on Livejournal as much. I'm partially blaming Tumblr  just not being on the computer as much. School has been okay. Today was pretty interesting though. We had a Hypnotist that put on a show today at my school, and he sent a lot of people into a trance like state, and it was 80 different times of hilarious. It was nice because the people in the audience were just all Psychology students, so it wasn't like the whole school. He was really good. While in the audience, I got partially hypnotized, but I spaced out and snapped out of it, which sucks, but the guy (kind of ex friend) that sat next to me was fully in it. It was so amusing. His name is Jim Wand, just in case anyone wants to Google him.

Things have been okay lately, I've been accepted and I've officially been enrolled into college after a few battles with my mom who only wanted me to go to community college (nothing wrong with it, I just didn't want to go, because I want to get away from people I knew). I'm really excited since my best friend is going there, which will make the transition to college life a bit easier. I hope there are some awesome people at the school's Gay-Straight Alliance. I want to see if anything cool will happy. *fingers crossed to not be single during all of college* No it doesn't mean that much, but it would be nice, you know? ANYWAY.

Senior celebration was last Saturday and it was so much fun. They had so many cool things, and we all walked out with at least $65 worth of gifts and whatnot. It was really nice. They had a mechanical bull, and a bunch of other things like that. They also had caricature artists, a dance area, ping pong, bags, and even a person doing massages.

So yeah, things are going okay so far, from what I can tell. School is almost over, and we just got our caps and gowns. Looking forward to the end of high school. I have German Finals in a couple days and a powerpoint about myself to do, but I think it will be okay. I just need to study a bit more German, but I think it will go okay. It was a pretty easy class, other than the perfekt tenses which screwed me up. 

I hope you are all doing fantastic lately, and I hope to be on here more, because there will be a lot more to write about.


Writer's Block: Back to the future

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

It would be a bit of both. I would be happy for discovering who I am, but disappointed that I didn't realize it earlier.

Long time no talk!

Hey y'all, haven't been on here as much, which is pretty sad, and I have no idea why I've been neglecting LJ. Anyways, nothing really has been going on lately, other than telling 2 people that I liked them and then it was basically "Thanks, but no thanks". Kind of a let down, but it was expected. As pathetic as that may sounds, you basically get used to it after a while.

School has been relatively normal, other than the fact that I only have 2 classes this term, which is amazing in itself.

Oooh, it smells like awesome soap in the library. Random, eh? But yeah, there isn't very many things going on. Uhh, my mom kind of outed me to her side of the family, which was pretty epic in itself. Especially since that whole side of the family is mega religious. I found it kind of awkward, and it might be weird, when my mom throws my graduation party in June.

Totally looking forward to Iron Man 2 and Kick-Ass. Those movies look so amazing. And Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks pretty good though, and Michael Cera doesn't look majorly typecast this time, which seems kind of impossible.

Just watched The Boondock Saints for the first time and it was so amazing. Also watched Manic, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which was pretty good and I liked the idea of the movie.

Excited for the hypnotist, which is only available to Psychology students. Last year, apparently things got a little out of control, and guys started kissing each other. I really hope something like that happens again this year, because it would be a million types of amazing.